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Disc Golf Disc Selection

Disc Golf Disc Selection

Choosing Discs

Your choices in what Disc Golf Discs to throw as you begin your Disc golf journey can be overwhelming, and if not careful, even a bit costly. Here we will break it down step by step with explanations and videos of disc flight, disc golf grip, and the disc golf throw. So, here is our approach for you to buy your first disc golf discs.

What’s the right Disc Golf Disc?

New to Disc Golf? Here is a brief overview / scenario beginning with how easily the wrong disc is put in your hands and you flush down $20. A video explains the basics of DISC GOLF FLIGHT as we move on to the disc golf grip.

How to Throw the disc better, how to hold the disc….and the DISC GOLF GRIP

THE WHIP – Scott Stokely

Assess your ability and throwing style, you can learn how to do this.

Choosing the most appropriate disc golf disc selection for your current skill level.

Practice, you will Improve, and throw smoother and farther.

Upgrading those golf discs, when is it time? Check out more Disc golf Videos

Disc Golf Disc Selection
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